What is PokeMesh?

PokeMesh is an Android application that actually allows you to have a better experience for Pokemon Go by displaying Pokemons, Pokestop and Gyms available around you or at the selected areas. PokeMesh enables you to filter pokemons, apply overplay feature to scan pokemons and enable relax mode or notifications to run the app in the background.

It dramatically affects Pokemon scanning and gives you additional features all for free. PokeMesh at this moment is only available on its official website or Apkmirror. You can download the application as “PokeMesh APK”.

Pokemesh for Android


PokeMesh APK Features

PokeMesh in almost no time has grabbed a large amount of population across the globe. The more you use it the more you get addicted to its features, especially if you are a Pokemon fan. After a long time we are noticing something so good and enticing available on smartphones. There have been some questions regarding its features, so let’s discuss them and how to use it precisely.

Note: There’s another interesting app for watching online videos and pokemesh tutorials which goes by the name of Showbox 4.72 APK and ShowBox 4.73 APK.


  • Quick menu


PokeMesh foremost takes you to its homepage where you find three horizontal line on the top left corner of the screen. Now if you click that it will take you to its quick menu opening like a sidebar consisting of Settings, notifications, overplay, accounts, Facebook and Twitter. You can get access to most of the settings from here without digging in too deep.



  • Settings

Settings is a great option that includes a huge bag of features like Maps, colours, notifications, overplay, Additional, Advanced, Pokemon and many more. The settings are going to help you adjust the application the way you want. They are more than enough to fall in love with the application.



  • Overplay or the relax mode

Overplay also known as relax mode is an exciting features of PokeMesh, now it helps you to get a small overview of your application that can be displayed on any application or web browser you want. It allows your app to work in background and you can easily access the app without actually opening and closing it manually.

overlay feature


  • Notification

Notification is one option that makes your easier than ever. As you turn the feature on it will allow you to get messages on your notification bar giving you names of the pokemons available in your area. Well if you have turned Overplay on Notification is not needed.



  • Add button

Additional option present on the top right corner of the screen enables you to access three features that is search, pokemon and rarity filter.

The search option precisely lets you search for pokemons around you or in the locations you want. Pokemon as explained by the name can help you choose your favorite pokemon and look out for them on the map. Last but not the least is  Rarity filter which allows you to look for rare, all or rarest pokemons on the map. It is quite an useful feature to count on.

add button



  • PokeMesh Web Map

PokeMesh web map is not exactly a pokemon scanning map but instead it allows you to see the current users of PokeMesh. Obviously people using PokeMesh will yield better results than those who are not. So PokeMesh developers have given a great feature to its users handy on their smartphones. Also Download terrarium tv

How does the Pokemesh APK app work?



PokeMesh is quite an easy to understand application for novice users. You just need an overview of how it works and then definitely you’ll be ready to use the application as and when you want. So let’s get started:-

Step 1 – Open the application, you’ll notice a map designed background with few features on top. If you click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen it will take you to a quick menu consisting of Notifications, settings, accounts, Overplay, FaceBook and Twitter.

From here you can either visit settings or quickly work on the quick menu and go back to the home page.

step 1


Step 2 – Account is the most important and asked question by users. People are having problem in creating new accounts on the game.

Now rather than creating 10 or 15 accounts on gmail which is quite hectic, you can create accounts on Pokemon Trainer Club. It easily lets you create accounts with different account details.

  • Go to Pokemon Trainer club
  • Sign up with a different name and password
  • Put your email address that you can always remember
  • Put your age older than 18 plus or it will show you “unable to login”
  • And you are done, create accounts like this and enjoy PokeMesh easily.

— Please remember to keep all your email ids same otherwise it will be difficult to remember them. To make your process easy you can add “+” to the ids. For instance, you write the email id as professorpam@gmail.com. The next account you create just write professorpam+1@gmail.com and keep increasing the number with every new account created. The basic purpose to do so is to get all the notification on one email id that is professorpam@gmail.com.


Step 2 – Under settings, users will find few options to mark or unmark like:-



  • Maps – Maps allows you to locate Pokemons, gyms and pokestops easily.


    • Colours – It allows you to choose opaque or darker colours for different pokemons helping you to recognize your favorite one in seconds.


  • Overplay – Overplay as explained above aids you to get a smaller version of the screen right on your screen.
  • Pokemon – You can decide with PokeMon you want to catch
  • Notifications – Get a notification message of pokemons available on your notification bar
  • Additional – Gives you additional features, not too difficult to understand
  • Advanced – Mark steps will precisely show where is the pokemon and how long it’s going to stay there. Scan range will let you limit your scanning range.
  • Support PokeMesh – Here you can get help to understand the app better.



Step 3 – The add button has been explained above in the features section.

How to download PokeMesh?

Downloading PokeMesh on your smartphone is just like downloading any other application. It is a third party app therefore it will only be available on its official website or other third party sites. Let’s see how you can download it on your devices.

Download for Android

  • Enable unknown sources from settings by going to your Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.  This will let you download any Android Application in the future easily on your phone.
  • Download “PokeMesh apk file” from its official website or from the link here.

pokemesh apk

  • Go back to your file manager and tap on the Pokemesh apk file downloaded. It will automatically start the installation process.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and install the application on your device.
  • Open the application from your home screen and enjoy scanning Pokemones near you!


Download PokeMesh for PC (Windows)

PokeMesh Apk file can be easily downloaded on Windows PC with the help of an Android emulator. In this case will recommend you to use Droid4x emulator.

pokemesh for pc

  • Download Droid4x Android emulator and install by clicking on the exe file.
  • Run the file once and change the settings as per your convenience.
  • Download PokeMesh Apk file from your web browser and install the app.
  • As soon as the app installs open it with Droid4x emulator.
  • Search for the application in the software and open it. Now you are ready to use the app on your Windows PC.


Download PokeMesh for iOS

Unfortunately PokeMesh is still not available for iOS devices. According to the developers they are not willing to launch the application for iOS, maybe later in the future you might see one.

F.A.Q Section

Q1. Do we need Google account for PokeMesh?

Yes, it is necessary for users to have a google account to login in PokeMesh. You can either give your current account or make a new account for that. It would be better to have more than one account with PokeMesh as it speeds up your scanning process.

Q2. Can I quit notification for unwanted pokemons on my map?

Yes you can surely do that. Click on the plus sign > go to the pokemon option > it will take you to a list of pokemons > you can select the pokemons for which you want to get notifications for now. You can reverse it by following the same procedure.

Q3. Is PokeMesh available for iOS devices?

Unfortunately PokeMesh apk is still not available for iOS users. Developers are still not confirmed if they want to launch it for the same.

Q4. Is there any other options to login through two or more accounts on PokeMesh because creating new account on Gmail is quite hectic?

Yes you can easily create new accounts through Pokemon trainer clubs, it lets you create more than one account easily. There are no restrictions to it. Just visit Pokemon Trainer Club website and create new accounts. Then go back to your application > quick menu > accounts > PTC account > add account.

Q5. Can I get banned for using PokeMesh APK?

Yes you might get banned from Pokemon go. PokeMesh team doesn’t guarantee about your accounts getting detected or terminated. Therefore it is safe to use dummy or fake accounts through Pokemon Trainers club to under the radar for now.  

Q6. The application stops scanning after the fixed time. Is it actually like that or it is a bug?

Till the time PokeMmesh is working in background the scanning option in on. It you are sure it stops scanning after a limited period of time thn it would be a bug. It would be better to reinstall the app and keep it updated. If you are using PokeMesh version 6 or lower, turn on the relax mode. That will surely help!


Wrap up

PokeMesh APK is a new addiction for Pokemon Go lovers. It develops you a habit of scanning the Pokemons first and then catching them on Pokemon Go.

Definitely the application is a new trend in the market that is taking people by storm but if you use it for a while, you’ll surely face some bugs that need to be fixed. Otherwise the application is awesome and incredible to use on any platform you can think of!