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Offense or attack is the crucial element of the Clash of Clans’ gameplay but still, many players are clueless of how to build an effective offense. In our perspective, improving your offense is inevitable if you desire more trophies to achieve. Strategical thinking is needed more than just deploying troops massively. We’ve highlighted some offense tips to improve your performance in the gameplay.

End Battle Instead of Surrender

When you’re in a raid against other clans, whether you lose or surrender, you’ll lose some trophies. The thing is that you’ll never know what happens next, not even a clue. When the battle gets too tough and you come closer to losing, it’s very tempting to surrender. Well, we can’t do anything about that but there is a chance to end the battle without losing the trophy. The condition is that you deploy any troops so you can end the battle. So, use your experience and hold the deployment for a while as if the raid seems to be impossible, you can end it instead of surrender.


Destroy The Town Hall and Take Everything

If you want top scores which are full of trophies, in this case, you need to complete the battle objectives and earn all three stars. When you damage your enemy’s Townhall at the half, you can claim the first star. The second star can be earned by continuing the raid and completely destroying that Town Hall. Don’t stop there, if it’s possible, destroy everything for three stars. So, it’s pretty clear your main target is the Town Hall and then the rest of the structures.

Prepare Your Troops before It’s Too Late

It’s highly suggested to prepare your troops before you raid your enemy. Many players assume that the troop production is pended while you’re on a raid which is actually false information. The production keeps ongoing during your raid so they’ll be ready for the next battle as you come back home. This way, you can avoid idles between raiding and battling while you can also anticipate when your village is raided by opponents.

Complete Your Squadron

Troop deployment reducing the number of troops standing by in a village which likely make empty slots in your village. You’ll have to replace them by producing more to create a solid appearance which has bluff effects. When your enemy sees that your troops are abundant, they would think twice to deploy their limited troops from their village. The key is to keep producing the troops even though you have troop survivals from battle.

Know Who You Raid!

It’s not a secret that raiding enemy which has Town Hall at a higher level gives you more items to loot. However, you should be calculative whether you can anticipate the revenge raid from them. Such action is opportunistic but sometimes you want to challenge yourself and benchmark your capacity. Just be sure you have adequate defense and preparation if you’re planning to raid higher tier opponent’s villages, read more.

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Clash of Clans Gameplay Offense Tips
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