With Pokemon Go having exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, there are countless people eager to catch’em all. But when Niantic disabled proximity searching and footprints, it became about stumbling into Pokemon and not about chasing them. Pokemesh taps into this need and so there are hundreds upon hundreds of users of the app. So the answer is yes; Pokemesh is safe!


Can Pokemesh get me banned from Pokemon Go?


Pokemesh app developers added a patch to their software so Niantic won’t be able to ban them, as they claim in their Facebook post on 24th August. Even then, it is recommended to use a different account to use on your Pokemesh than on Pokemon Go, so you don’t end up getting discovered and banned.


Are my password and details safe with Pokemesh?


Regarding security, Pokemesh is one of the safest apps on its genre. Other apps have doubtable source codes, but Pokemesh can be used with much secrecy and confidentiality. Using an alternate Pokemon Go account ensures your own account’s information is never dealt in in the first place.


There is no reason to fear using Pokemesh. With suitable caution like not using the same account on Pokemon Go and Pokemesh, keeping different passwords and clearing the app’s cache once in a while, you’re not likely to face any issues. So go ahead and catch’em all!