Pokemesh is an app available solely for Android devices. This basically means that iOS and Windows PC users cannot get it of themselves. Or at least, directly install Pokemesh app. But just as there are ways to get Pokemesh for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Windows PC users have a few options open too.

Pokemesh is thankfully available of the internet accessible via browser. But if that is a method you don’t find suitable, you can also get the original apk app of your PC, using an Android Emulator like BlueStacks.


Get Pokemesh for PC online (No Downloads)


To get access to Pokemesh online, you will need to have a sufficiently speedy internet connection and a Windows PC with a good internet browser. We recommend Firefox and Chrome. Here’s how to get it done.


  1. Launch your internet browser.
  2. Enter the website’s url pokemesh.com in the search bar and press enter. Wait for the site to load.
  3. Open “Web Map” from the main header.
  4. You should be able to view your location of the map. Get rid of any pop ups and zoom in or out as comfortable and find out the best Pokemon around.
  5. You can use the sidebar to refine your search, and get the best Pokemon displaying of your screen.


This method is superior because it ensures you don’t have to download a single file from the internet. You pay only for the browsing charges, and there is no need to login with any Pokemon Trainer accounts as well.


But if you’re used to the Android app experience, or maybe want to try it out without having to purchase a $400 device, a simpler method is quite available.


Get Pokemesh app for PC via BlueStacks


BlueStacks is a pretty amazing app that lets you play Android apps and functionalities of Windows and Mac OS PCs. The class of software it belongs to is called Android Emulators. Here is what you need to do to get the app working of your PC.


  • Download BlueStacks on your PC. Go to their official site bluestacks.com and you should find it available for free.
  • Install BlueStacks by running the setup file. Close all files and save your data before attempting this so you can restart the device if needed.
  • Login to the application using a gmail account. The login will enable you to access the Play Store and keep your preferences tracked for accurate app suggestions.
  • Download Pokemesh apk file from the internet. We recommend their official site pokemesh.com. Choose a mirror and the download should be queued.
  • Right click the downloaded file and choose “Open With…”. Opt for BlueStacks.
  • The app will install automatically on BlueStacks’ mimicked Android interface. Wait for the notification.


The app, once installed, can be accessed from BlueStacks’ “My Apps” logo of the desktop. You can launch the app, find out which Pokemon are around and then embark on your quest to catch’em all! The one shortcoming of this method is that it involves too many steps, with having to open the emulator and then the app and then being able to search your Pokemon. Try out both the methods and see which one you like best.