Pokemesh is undeniably the best option for those who want to catch ‘em all without having to walk the city streets without luck. But the problem is that it is for Android devices only. The app isn’t available as a dmg file, which means you cannot get it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. So there is not much of a recourse left to take except look for Alternatives to Pokemesh for iOS. Luckily, there are quite a few. Let’s see what they are.


  • PokeAlert – Realtime Map for Pokemon Go https://www.facebook.com/pokealert

    PokeAlert for PokeMon Go gets you real time locations of all Pokemon. It is a significant edge over other apps that rely on previous sightings only. The app also gets you a time detail with each Pokemon so you know which ones you can catch and which ones will fly away before you reach there. Apply an easy filter and get only specific Pokemon searched. Piece of cake!

  • Go Radar https://www.goradar.io/

    The thirst for rare Pokemon is real! The problem is that they often spawn close to you when you have your app switched off or when you’re not paying attention. Go Radar solves this problem by notifying you about the Pokemon you want to keep an eye out for. The app doesn’t need to scan either. It keeps track of Pokemon and makes ure you get to know about those which are near. Add to this the navigation help the affords you whether you’re walking or driving, and you can see this is even better than Pokemesh.

  • PokeOnMap https://pokeonmap.com/

    PokeOnMap has a lot happening. The app has an IV calculator, along with a list of moves and Pokemon. The app has a pretty decent interface as well, with one touch scanning to make everything easier. It’s definitely an app you should check out.

  • PokeLoke https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokeloke-for-pokemon-go/id1138196006?mt=8

    PokeLoke too notifies you about Pokemon when you’re near one. It provides you their exact location, and you can walk right ahead and catch whichever Pokemon you fancy. It’s pretty great. Plus since the app is available right of iTunes, you needn’t fumble around with dmgs and logins and whatnot.

  • PokeSensor http://www.pokesensor.org/

    For PokeSensor users, Pokemon Go is a breeze. The app not only gets you the Pokemon nearby where you are, but also from custom locations you choose. You can scan upt o500 metres from the same location, and have all Pokemon pinpointed for you. You don’t often find such apps available for free. Get it right now!

  • PokeRadar https://www.pokemonradargo.com/

    PokeRadar is a lot like a Radar. You go browse a location and it gets you a rudimentary picture of your screen about which Pokemon you are likely to find ahead on the road. The app works by keeping track on which Pokemon are discovered by you as well as other players at a location. The app also keeps track of how many times they were found, as a sort of rudimentary clock. The app might not be very successful if you’re in a place where not many use Pokemon, but if you do, you can catch quite a few Pokemon with it.

For a great experience of Pokemon Go, nothing beats Pokemesh app. But for iOS users who have to make do with a Pokemesh Alternative, there are some pretty fine options available!